Why Homeschooling is More Popular than Public School ?

With the right kind of help, any parent that really wants to home school their child can be very successful with this endeavor.

With the right kind of help, any parent that really wants to home school their child can be very successful with this endeavor. To determine what is correct for your child and yourself read through our 7 homeschooling tips for success.

If you think home schooling is the most beneficial choice for your child, never allow disparaging remarks deter you. Just keep going after the ideas and thoughts you find on web sites such as this one until you are confident you are prepared to start. Just take one-step at a time and success will follow.

1. Prior to starting your home school program, go over your state’s homeschooling laws and legal requirements

These requirements will be different in each state and you will be able to discover additional information on them from our local education department.

2. You, the parent, should have basic educational skills such as adept writing, reading, and math

If you do not have these basic skills, you can learn them through adult education courses until you are up to par and able to follow the curriculum with your child. Almost all the subjects your child must learn will demand a healthy want to learn from you, instead of you requiring full knowledge of them in advance. 

You might have to commit time and effort tp learning the material before and after your home schooling classes, so you are prepared to effectively teach your child.

3. The success of your home schooling endeavor will also depend on the working relationship you and your child have together

Being able to engage the interests of your child and have good communication with your child will make any of your home schooling goals easy to accomplish. 

If your communication skills or relationship is poor or unhealthy, then a home schooling setting will be very hard. You can solve this problem with counseling from your church or other counseling resources.

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4. Have you done all the necessary research and are you fully committed to home schooling your child

This homeschooling tipis to ensure you know that people will probably make disparaging remarks on how you are ruining your child’s life with home schooling. Just remember that most people incorrectly believe that public school’s are the only way to really educate and will try to convince you of their opinion.

If you do not truly believe in the reasons you are home schooling your child, you might become disheartened and doubt your choice halfway through. This can be damaging for your entire family. Just be ready for negative criticism and be prepared to defend your decision.

5. You need to be very observant of your child, as well as responsive to their feelings and needs

This is very important to your child’s home schooling success. You are the only constant supervision they have in the classroom of the home and they will need you to be aware of whether they are making healthy progress, are in need of extra help, or are struggling and perhaps needing a change.

6. Having a good sense of humor along with patience are very crucial qualities needed by any parent, especially ones that are home schooling their child

Flexibility is needed when things go a little astray and you may need to take extra time out for difficult areas. Using creativity is a way to help your child understand the subject that they are having trouble with. 

You need these qualities during the entire home schooling process. Your home schooling experience will be more enjoyable for you and your child as well if you remain patient in stressful times, laugh during awkward times, and just keep everything interesting, stress free, and fun.

7. Organizing effectively is one of the most important parts of home schooling

Having daily lesson plans, schedules, family time, activities, etc. are routine weekly duties. You need to be adept in this to keep a healthy balance and make sure everything stays manageable and productive. You can find free sites online and even local classes that can help you improve your organizational skills if needed.

The 7 homeschooling tips from above, should be considered before you start the educational technique. They will give you the needed self-confidence to make your home schooling life much easier and much more successful.

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High school homeschooling

There is no need to let high school home schooling intimidate you. No matter if you are thinking about future high school home schooling or high school home schooling for the present, this is not an ominous thing by any means. 

This article will actually show you how high school home schooling is much easier than home schooling an elementary aged child.

Many of us who weren’t home schooled wonder how we ever managed to graduate in the first place. The information we learned is no longer with us today. We seem to have forgotten all that we learned. This fact itself makes many parents uneasy and unconfident about our ability to teach a high school curriculum for home school. 

We need to begin by doing away with all these feelings of unease and lack of confidence about educating our high school aged child at home.There are numerous factors which may have caused to forget our high school academics. The primary among these components is the “technique” through which we were actually taught. 

The primary technique of almost all of us (except home schools), mainly utilized a repetitive three to six week study/cram/test cycle. We normally used this technique in a group setting. Numerous different studies prove this technique works for learning on a short-term basis, but it does not work for a long-term basis.

If you used this technique to learn, then you now know the technique is responsible for your lack of retention, not your intellectual abilities. Therefore, you can now throw away any belief that you are not intellectually able to home school your high school age children.

Once we realize the deficiencies are a result of the education technique and not our capabilities, we are free to embrace a completely dissimilar and far more effective technique: individual teaching. 

In home schooling, the emphasis is on understanding a subject, working jointly to learn the fundamentals needed, and being sensitive to the pupil’s necessities and tolerant of the learning method.

There are many methods to choose from which can help ensure you acquire one that fits both your child’s learning mode and your teaching penchant. As you will discover in the curriculum portion of this site, personal counsel in selecting what is most beneficial for your family is one of the countless resources included. 

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This personal choice of manner and technique means you will be able to experience total control of every facet of the way you educate your high school child. Additionally, you as the parent/teacher will also gain knowledge of the subjects while teaching, so there is absolutely no need to worry about knowing everything before you start.

Another facet of high school home schooling is that as a pupil ages and progresses in their home schooling, they acquire a maturity and are able to do some self-teaching when they reach high school level. 

Most parents do not choose this option for many of their child’s home school courses because it loses the personal teacher/pupil contact, all the same, this option is still available if you want to use it. 

In reality, this option could be exceedingly beneficial for any high school age child to go through the complete duty of teaching himself or herself part of a subject, or an entire subject, while you supervise their progression.

Internet teaching is another option, for single or numerous classes. This can be a blessing for a specific interest class, difficult class, or for a class in which you desire more wide-ranging stimulation or additional instruction.

You need to be aware that if a parent and child have been advancing through the earlier academic years jointly, once the high school years appear, they can be recognized as just another step together, and do not pose the trouble you may think by considering it early.

When you are convinced that you are able to manage high school home schooling, you will then be ready to select your curriculum. There are many available, ranging in style and content. Along with more and more parents, you will also be able to prepare your own curriculum, if you choose. 

Parents of a teenager frequently include their teenager’s preferences and assistance when choosing a curriculum. This is an additional personal benefit to both parent and child in high school home schooling.

To obtain assistance and encouragement in preparing your own high school curriculum, just click here for home school support groups in your area.Of all your home school years with your child, high school home schooling can be the “frosting on the cake”. 

As she or he is more mature by then, your personal relationship will be greatly heightened by this experience. The advantages can really be enormous and you will without doubt discover much yourself throughout this process.

Homeschooling requirements for different states

Home schooling requirements are different in each state. Many parents want to know what the requirements for their specific state are and that is what this article is about.

With the decline of public school education and the bad and even unsafe influence of the public school system today, many parents are looking for educational alternatives. Many parents have decided on home schooling as this educational alternative.

Each specific state and their local government decide upon the home schooling guidelines. If you intend to teach your child at home, most U.S states require you to tell the local school board of this decision. 

There are some that allow you to home school your child without informing the state school board. Some of these states include Alaska, Connecticut, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas.

California, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Kansas, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Mississippi, Alabama, Kentucky, and Delaware are the states where you are only required to notify the county educational board of your home schooling intentions. 

North Dakota, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, Rhode Island, and Maine, have the strictest home schooling requirements. Their home schooling requirements include notarized professional evaluations and/or test score achievements, qualification of parent/teacher, state curriculum approval, and state official home visits.

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States not listed above have less strict home schooling requirements such as notification by parents, student progress, student test scores and/or professional evaluation.

You will have to find out the specific requirements in your state by asking your local school board. The Home School Legal Defense Association will provide you with more useful information. 

You need to make sure you find out the specific home schooling requirements in your state. This will ensure your child’s educational achievements are state recognized. State approval is not technically necessary for home schooling, but getting it will help you avoid problems in the future and make your life easier in general. 

Without state approval, the education your child received at home may be considered illegitimate. This can reduce the chances of many colleges considering your child for entrance when the time comes.

Homeschooling cost is a great topic for discussion. This is because home schooling has a much more optimistic influence on your budget than traditional types of schooling. 

One of the main benefits of home schooling is curriculum choice and associated details, which means you can create lessons that are less expensive, but still as educational as traditional education. This article will show you why this option is less expensive.

Parents determine the home schooling curriculum and use their budget as an important determining factor.  The amount a parent chooses varies greatly, while one parent may spend as much needed for school materials, another may choose to not pay for these materials. 

You can give your child a top-notch quality educational experience, without spending a great deal of money, or breaking your bank. If you have a small budget, it is very simple to fit all your child’s educational necessities into your budget. This is one of the greatest benefits of home schooling.

If you are in the same boat as most families today, your budget is very tight. If you are home schooling you will have extra money to use that you would normally spend on traditional education. 

This money can be used for bills or for something fun like a family vacation. Your life will be a lot less stressful, when you are not so concerned about money for your child’s education.

Your whole family can be involved with the home school planning, which will strengthen your family bond and make your child feel as if they are helping to make important decisions in regards to their own education. 

You have no one to keep up with, so you can create your home schooling on a very small budget. The quality of your child’s education is the most important factor, not how much your rack up on homeschooling cost.

Many famous folks, including President Abe Lincoln, were home schooled and as a results paid very little for their education. This low-cost and high-quality education can be received with home schooling today as well. Your child can wear their everyday clothes, so there is no need to follow dress codes, buy school uniforms, etc. This will save you a great amount of money.

The educational materials such as textbooks and workbooks can usually be checked out at the library, bought second hand and even traded with other homeschooling families. 

You can usually find them online very cheaply too. You can even spend less on classroom materials by searching online. You will save money on gas, as there is no need to drive to and from school. 

You will save money on breakfast and lunch, as you will be able to eat at home. You can buy a whole year worth of school supplies such as paper, pencils, etc for $10 to $20, when you catch them on sale.

You can be creative when it comes to finding home schooling items and let the whole family get involved. This makes the home schooling experience more enjoyable as well.

You and your child will feel richer with a positive home schooling experience, even though very little money is being spent. This will teach your child a very valuable lesson about money as well. 

Being in full control of homeschooling cost is one of the many benefits of home schooling you child. You manage your child’s values, education and education cost too.

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