Sell My Home Quickly Tips & Get 90% of Asking Price

Tips on selling my house quickly and easily to get 90% of asking price.

In Britain we are obsessed with home ownership and need to sell house quickly in order to accommodate our life plans. British homeowner will move every 5 to 7 years. 

People need to sell their homes and move on for a number of reasons for example change of circumstances; life style choices or they have had enough of living in same and need a change of scenery.

One thing is for certain, in a slow moving difficult market conditions it’s difficult to sell house quickly. So what are main reasons why people are unable to sell their homes and start fresh?

1. House isn’t big enough

Have you ever seen a one bed room house? Yes it’s OK for a couple to move in but what if they want to start a family in next 2-3 years, will they buy your house? We will buy any type of house no matter where it is.

2. Renovation

Extensive renovations such as putting in a new kitchen, new bathroom, double glaze windows or even central heating are expensive jobs costing thousands of pounds and these are very off putting for prospective buyers. Does your place need fully gutting out and everything going in again, no problems we will buy your house fast!

3. Structural issues

Do you have a flat roof or a non-standard construction property? If so, it will be impossible to get bank to lend against this property in order for your prospective buyer to obtain a mortgage to buy it.

4. Asking price unrealistic

Let’s say that properties in surround area are selling for £100K each (these could be repossession properties selling a lot less than normal properties) they will invariably make your property look like an expensive purchase even though it may not be.

The reason for this is because in Britain we value properties based on number of bedrooms and not square footage area – we believe that this is a major issue in down valuing properties. Whatever your situation, we can help you sell your home fast why not contact us today!

5. Change in area

This may sound a little bizarre but a change in area can really affect house prices for example you may be shocked to discover that largest local employer may be closing down their business resulting in a large number of unemployed people – the affect this can have on area can be devastating as everyone will be claiming benefits and people may now perceive it to be a decline in living standards. We can work with you to help you sell quickly, if you are affected by this contact us today!

6. Ex-Council property

You may have bought your home from council and now because it’s a council designated area it’s difficult to find a buyer. This is not an issue for us as we have bought many ex-local authority properties before and can help you move on. Contact us via our enquiry form or call our 24 hour hotline.

How sell my home quickly 

Telegraph reports that in December 2021, an average asking price was reduced by 3% or comparatively to national average around £7,000.  This is a substantial loss to consider and feels worst if you have little or negative equity.

We were contacted by a lady about 2 months ago about her property in Sandycroft in Wales.  The property being in a remote town with very little employment prospectus coupled with fact that it was a deceased estate and required extensive modernisation.  

As the lady who inherited the property did not have time or the money to spend on property, she investigated other options available to her such as “sell house quickly” companies who advertise on internet.

She was offered in region of £70,000 for her property as a quick sale price.  This was not acceptable as it would have barely cleared her mortgage on property and any other remaining debts.  She decided to try us.

We thought that her best option may be to sell property to a first time buyer.  We managed to find a buyer for her property at £90,000.  Imagine her relief when she realised she was going to get an extra £20,000 and achieve to sell her house quickly.   

We did very aggressively local marketing including newspaper adverts, leafleting and advertising on internet extensive – all without hiring an estate agent!

Our “out of box” thinking enable us to sell property quickly, this was mainly because we did a lot more than typical estate agent would do in a life time:

  • Sympathetically managed all viewings on behalf of vendor
  • Interested several buyers and got them making sealed bids for the property
  • Encouraged first time buyers and investors by offering to pay 5% deposit toward purchase price
  • Incentivised legal fees if they could complete in a speedy fashion i.e. 28 calendar days or less

How does it work?

The process is really simple and very effective.  There are no fees to pay whatsoever, and the price is you get is not only close to your asking price but also gives you safety and security to sell house quickly and move on with your plans.  Here’s a summary of how system works:

  1. Contact us and we will establish market value of your property
  2. We will give you a call to discuss how soon you wish to sell, your timescales and explain how we arrived at valuation figure
  3. We will tell you what sort of figure you can accept in order to sell property fast
  4. Typically you can expect 80% to 90% of asking price within 60 days or less
  5. We will draw up an agreement and sign this with you
  6. We will market your property to our buyers – usually we have buyers across the country
  7. We will actively manage the whole process from start to finish to ensure completion on time
  8. We will only get paid once you have sold your property
  9. The buyer will pay for our fees

How to sell your house quickly via Facebook

If Facebook was a country, it would be world’s 3rd largest country by population only beaten marginally by India and China.  Facebook can be a powerful social medium that can help you sell your house quick.  

The simple idea is that with Face book your friends and family can stay in touch and see your status updates so if you’re announcing that your property is up for sale – your work colleague, friends or family member can actually promote your “announcement” by clicking on like button and this can have a mushroom effect.

This means that enquiries could start coming your way if you have a large friends list.

Another method you should consider is advertising in your local paper.  Get the readership of paper and ensure that it’s a paid newspaper, as people tend to pay more attention to a paid newspaper rather than a free newspaper which often gets disregarded.  

Make sure that your ad stands out from the crowd by having a yellow background and prominent black fonts.  Message needs to be clear and concise and if you’re incentivising make sure that you clear highlight “5% deposit paid”.

You can also go and visit your local street and drop handwritten leaflets through the doors.  You never know, a friend or a relative of someone near your home might be looking to buy in that area.  

So get active and drop leaflets yourself – that is the only of actually making sure they get delivered.  Finally follow up on each enquiry you receive, invite them to view your house and ensure your house is well presented for the viewing itself.

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