Sell House Quickly Tips: Improving Kerb Appeal

Your house needs to enticing the buyers into the buyers therefore, outside of your property needs to make a good first impression.

Your house needs to enticing the buyers into the buyers therefore, outside of your property needs to make a good first impression. The external presentation of property is really important as it the thing that people will see. 

The kerb appeal factor plays a big role in attracting viewers and potential buyers to purchase your home.

1. Ensure your property’s entrance looks good

A front door needs to be inviting and should capture the imagination of buyer of what it would be like to live in your property. This tip alone could help you sell house quickly:

  • Replace the tired old front door if you have one
  • Repaint the front door if it can not be replaced. If unsure about which colours to use go with white or black. Replace door handles as necessary
  • Ensure that door bell works properly

2. Liven up the exterior space

If entrance to your property is looking rather dated then these simply tips will help you liven up the exterior space:

  • Ensure that door number is visible from the entrance
  • Wash windows thoroughly getting rid of any grime or stains
  • Replace roof title if they are cracked, broken or missing
  • Give your drive or entrance a good scrub up, clearing away any weed or moss around drainage

3. Basic garden maintenance

Plants must be cared for properly to stay green and beautiful. you can start from the following steps:

  • Cut the grass and ensuring hedges are not overgrown and trimmed down.
  • Getting rid of any weed plants
  • Removing excess leaves and getting rid of dead plants

Present your house to sell quickly

In order to sell house quickly you need to put an effort to prepare your property to appeal to potential buyers.  We are not looking to put in a new kitchen or bathroom simply we are referring to important issues that you need to get right which will need a little time and ability to help you sell your house quickly.

Sell house quickly – what are the benefits?

Apart from obviously the ability to move on with your life or buy your next property, you will see other benefits to sell house quickly such as reduced mortgage payments on property and more convenience – something you can not put a price on.  To evaluate whether sell house quickly is right option for you please consider these two scenarios:

Would you hold out for full asking price in uncertain market possibly for years?

Or would you like to sell house quickly now provided you achieved close to asking price?

It is as simple as that!

If you are selling your house you are also competing against other sellers who are also looking to sell house quickly.  You need to present your house well if you want to sell house quickly.

Ready to sell house quickly?

There is an old saying that house is only worth what somebody is prepared to pay for it so if you think your house is worth a lot of money you need to really show off its key features.

Ensuring that you have a clean house that has ample storage space, well presented and has a good vibe to it will ensure that you sell house quickly. This leads us to our Sell House Quickly Plan.

Plan to sell house quickly

Preparation is a key ingredient in your plan to sell house quickly so if you are not planning on selling your house quickly, you may wish to skip this chapter.

Sell house quickly – tip #1

A clean house will sell fast. Ensure that you clean your house every day until it is sold.  Curtains and carpets need to be stain free. Do you want to sell house quickly well just make sure it’s super clean and you will.

Sell house quickly – tip #2

Get rid of all the clutter.  The more pile up stuff you have stored in your storage units, garage and even living room the more it will put off a potential buyer. Your house will look bigger once cleared. 

Consider selling some of valuable stuff on eBay and other items give away to your local charity shop. A house that is not used as storage space gives an impression of a cared for home and hence this will help you sell house quickly.

Sell house quickly – tip #3

Fix up any unfinished DIY jobs that you started years ago but not quite finished.  These jobs will not appeal to buyers. You need to either dedicate your evenings and weekends to finish off these tasks or pay professional contractors to get these jobs done. There could be smells of cooking, pets or even damp in your property.

Sell house quickly – tip #4

Ensure that there are no blocked drains or smoking odours attached to curtains. Finally ensure that you regular open up windows to allow fresh air into your house.

Sell house quickly – tip #5

Go for natural looking neutral colours. The builders and developers use magnolia colour because it gives a sense of space and cleanliness.

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